Hospital Engineering has been an independent and internationally active project developer for 50 years. The company is located in Tuttlingen, just east of the Black Forest, near the Lake Constance, in the South of Germany.

There are never two hospitals alike, each one is a reflection of the specific customer needs. We offer our services especially to customers in developing countries such as ministries, bilateral and multilateral donor agencies, private investors, large corporations with in-house medical facilities and charitable organizations.

For 50 years our activities have been governed by our slogan:

» We plan » We design » We provide » We install » We train » We maintain
This complete package of services forms the basis of our custom tailored solutions: the design of health facilities, the supply and installation of medical and related technical equipment including all relevant consumables, the training of personnel, after-sales services covering availability of spare parts, provision of warranty, maintenance and repair services.

Apart from green-field activities, Hospital Engineering has rehabilitated many existing medical institutions, particularly in developing countries, and found a solution to master the most challenging problems. Based on an inventory and critical assessment of existing equipment and facilities we established categories such as “available for future use”, “to be replaced” and “additional requirements”. Such studies included analysis of the physical structure as well as suggestions for the improvement of work flow patterns.